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Fact Sheet

Why should you outsource your payroll functions? Simply, because it makes common sense!

If you are a small business, this simple step could put you on a level playing field with companies two-three times your size...

In addition to this major benefit, an outsourcing partnership is more effective and in the long run costs considerably less than doing it in-house. Here are some reasons why:

  • Costs: Handling your own accounting/payroll may mean building and maintaining your own team of professionals. With that comes the necessary human, financial and technical capabilities needed to do the job(s) properly...all equal high fixed costs (salaries, benefits, office space, technology, etc). By partnering with an outsourcing firm, you pay only for the time needed to complete the services needed and you can typically add on other services as needed.
  • Removing Non-Core Activity: If you are running an accounting, bookkeeping or payroll service then creating an accounting team doesn't present a problem for you. However, if this isn't your core business, the real and intangible costs of creating and managing such a team or individual takes time and focus away from your making...functions.
  • Reduce People Management Issues: Advertising/recruiting, interviewing, hiring, training and managing an in-house employee or team takes time and money. Outsourcing removes these issues and you don't have to worry about staff turnover. Losing a trained team member can impact the effectiveness of your entire accounting function. By outsourcing, you won't encounter this problem or incur the cost of retraining.
  • Working With Specialist: For some small businesses (contractors, property management companies, grant funded non-profit organizations, etc), your industry may require some specialised compliance. Partnering with an outsourcing firm that caters to your industry is key. Since we work exclusively with businesses like your own, we are aware of the constant changes in the tax code & accounting polices that apply to your specialised circumstances.

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HM Revenue and Customs

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Department for Work and Pensions

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