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PAYE Products

We offer 3 main PAYE products to our customers:

Employer Payroll

Payroll Services UK has a range of services that are continually evolving making our service 'best fit' for your business in the rapidly changing workplace we operate in today

More and more companies are choosing to outsource their payroll administration. The benefits of outsourcing make payroll attractive to many firms, particularly small and medium sized business with limited resources and relatively simple payrolls.

We have simplified the processing of payroll, once the initial set-up is carried out (free of charge), all you need to do is advise us of any changes (if on a fixed salary) or hours worked (if paid by the hour) and any other changes that may have incurred during the pay period, either by email or fax prior to the processing date.

Once we have processed the payroll we can then email the payroll summary documents and payslips directly to you, usually the same or next day.

Outsourced Accountancy Payroll

We provide an invisable service to your clients and greatly reduce your running costs. In doing so we:

  • Streamlining your business to the more profitable tasks
  • Save you huge amounts in software and personnel costs
  • Remove the hassle of constant regulation and client requirement changes

Depending on your requirements we can work as an extension of your organisation providing a full outsourced capability, or simply provide interim cover for staff absence

Nanny/Domestic Staff Payroll

If you employ domestic staff in your home like nannies, gardeners, cooks, maids or chauffeurs you may be treated as their employer. This means you must register as an employer and you may have to deduct Income Tax, National Insurance contributions (NICs) and possibly student loan deductions from the money you pay them.

This involves paying income tax and National Insurance (which is deducted from their gross wage) plus employer's National Insurance.

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