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Payroll Services UK will calculate your employee's pay, keep you compliant with HMRC requirements, and provide you with reports and information. Our payroll services are specifically designed to meet the needs of the small/medium business, we will make sure your people are paid accurately, on time, every time. Simply contact Payroll Services UK and we'll take care of the rest.

  • Input of all basic pay details, time sheets, such as salary, overtime, bonus etc.
  • Calculating and recording PAYE tax & National Insurance liabilities, processing Statutory Sick pay (SSP), Statutory Maternity Pay (SMP), attachment of earnings orders, pensions and student loans.
  • Holiday pay calculated
  • Calculation of net pay.
  • Student tax forms P38(s)
  • Pension and Attachment statement and payment advice
  • P45-P46 starter and leaver processing.
  • Real Time Information (RTI) sent to HMRC each month
  • PAYE statement each Month / Quarter and payment administration
  • End of year administration including P60's, P14's and calculation of P35
  • Production of employee payslips.
  • Advice on HM Revenue & Customs payments.
  • Provision of security and confidentiality of client’s company and personnel information.
  • Deal with all correspondents and queries from all government departments and your employees.

Additional Services

  • Security style payslips
  • Payslips posted directly to your employees
  • Individual delivery of P45's or P60's to employees
  • Emailed PDF or CSV reports
  • Electronic transmission of BACS payments
  • E-file of in year and year end forms
  • Other specialised reports and data transfers,
  • Assistance and advice on an hourly basis.
  • Duplicates of previous forms, reports or payslips
  • Completion of a paper P35
  • Electronic submission of in year and year end forms to HMRC
  • Easy to understand reports analysing costs and trends relating to your payroll.
  • The annual return of P11D expenses and benefits

We are more than happy to tailor our service to suit your needs and where possible this will be done at no extra cost. If a cost is involved we will discuss this with you.

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